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Phasecraft’s ‘Wonder Women’ featured in The Quantum Daily



Inclusivity and diversity are something we really believe in at Phasecraft. In recognising that men have historically dominated the fields of physical sciences, mathematics and engineering we aim to lead the way in building a work environment that is open and inclusive (for example through our gender-blind parental leave policy offering 6 months of paid leave).


We are therefore delighted to see that two members of the Phasecraft Team have been recognised in a recent article by The Quantum Daily ’52 Wonder Women Working In Industry As Quantum Scientists and Engineers’: Stasja Stanisic, Senior Quantum Engineer at Phasecraft, leads our work on implementation of quantum software on cutting-edge quantum hardware platforms and Cat Mora, Director of Research Operations, who supports activity across the breadth of our portfolio.


We would also like to give a special mention to our women students and interns, who have not been named in the article but have made outstanding contributions to our scientific mission over the years: Laura Clinton, Lana Mineh, Kaelyn Ferris, Cate Mandell, and Sabrina Wang.


For more information about what we do at Phasecraft and how it feels to work here, do take a look at our own Stasja speaking at ‘Careers in Quantum’.


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