The Phasecraft team are experts in quantum computing and are inspired by the potential of this world-changing technology.

Johannes Bausch

Quantum Software Consultant


Johannes is a researcher in Hamiltonian complexity and quantum information theory at the University of Cambridge, working with Phasecraft as a consultant. His research interest lies at the intersection between algorithms, physics, and quantum computation, and he wants to find out how we can combine those to learn something about real world systems - related to AI, communication, or condensed matter systems.

When he was young he was obsessed with game programming and the demo scene, and how one can use very limited hardware for procedural generation of immersive virtual worlds.

Chris Cade

Quantum Software Researcher


Chris is currently working as a Quantum Software Researcher at Phasecraft, following the completion of his PhD in quantum computing at the University of Bristol. This focused on quantum algorithms and complexity in non-standard models of quantum computation.

The research during his PhD included applied topics, such as space-efficient quantum algorithms for graph problems, and more theoretical ones, such as the study of 'post-selection' in classical computing.

Before The University of Bristol, Chris obtained an MEng in Computer Science from the University of York, and then spent a year as a research associate in the YCCSA group at York, working on bioinformatics.

Laura Clinton

PhD Student


Laura graduated from Imperial College London with an MSci in Theoretical Physics in 2017.

After that she began an MRes in Quantum Technologies at UCL and from there went on to start her PhD on the theory of analogue quantum simulation using near-term quantum hardware. In my spare time she likes to play boardgames, tabletop RPGs and cycle.

Charles Derby

PhD Student


Charlie began his Physics studies at Durham university where a coding project was his first foray into quantum information. He graduated in 2017 and enrolled in the UCL doctoral training course on quantum technologies.

Charlie is currently doing his PhD there on the simulation of fermionic systems.

Joel Klassen

Quantum Software Researcher


Joel is a quantum information scientist, with his focus having primarily been on quantum many body systems, Hamiltonian complexity and stoquasticity, and the quantum marginal problem. Joel is excited about quantum information because of its engaging mathematical structure, interdisciplinarity, and connection to deep philosophical questions. He did his PhD in physics at the Institute for Quantum Computing and the University of Guelph. Before coming to Phasecraft Joel was a postdoctoral researcher in the Terhal group at QuTech for two years. 

Outside of quantum physics, Joel enjoys making interactive digital and traditional visual art, engaging in dinnertime philosophy, playing collaborative story telling games, cycling and rock climbing. 

Lana Mineh

PhD Student


Lana graduated from Imperial College London in 2017 with an MSci in Mathematics. She is currently a PhD student at the Bristol Quantum Engineering Centre for Doctoral Training and her PhD is on variational quantum algorithms.

Lana's main interests are in quantum information theory and computing, especially near-term algorithms.

Ashley Montanaro

Director & Co-Founder

Ashley has worked in the field of quantum computing for 15 years, specialising in quantum algorithms and quantum computational complexity, and has published over 50 papers on this topic.

Ashley holds a PhD in quantum computing from the University of Bristol and is Reader in Quantum Computation there.

Ashley was awarded a Whitehead Prize in 2017 by the London Mathematical Society, has served on the Steering Committee of the international conference on Quantum Information Processing (QIP). He was also a Founding Editor of the journal, Quantum.

John Morton

Director & Co-Founder

John has 17 years of experience in quantum computing and in particular the demonstration and development of quantum bits, and strategies for qubit control and measurement.

He has a PhD (D.Phil) from University of Oxford in quantum computing, has been a Royal Society University Research Fellow and is currently Professor of Nanoelectronics at UCL, and Director of the UCL Quantum Science and Technology Institute.

John's prizes include the Nicholas Kurti European Science prize (2008), the Institute of Physics Moseley Medal (2013), and the Sackler International Prize in Physical Sciences (2016).

Stasja Stanisic

Quantum Software Researcher


Stasja received a B.S. in Computer Science from California Institute of Technology in 2012. Afterwards, she worked in Bristol for a networking startup called Gnodal Ltd. and was part of the engineering team acquired by Cray Inc.

For her PhD, she joined the Quantum Engineering Centre for Doctoral Training at University of Bristol in 2014, investigating boson distinguishability and its effects in linear optics, and she is currently a Quantum Software Researcher at PhaseCraft. She received an award from British Federation of Women Graduates for her research.



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