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PhaseCraft is hiring!


We're looking to hire two postdoctoral-level Quantum Software Researchers to design and implement simulations of quantum many-body systems on near-term quantum computing hardware. This is a unique opportunity to be involved at the beginning of PhaseCraft's mission to deploy advanced theoretical and mathematical techniques to develop quantum computing applications that significantly outperform their classical counterparts for important practical tasks.


Job Description:

•   Undertake theoretical and/or applied research and development for near-term quantum computing applications

•   Carry out coding and software development to support this

•   Help to author publications, presentations, patent applications and similar resulting from the research

•   Work collaboratively in a small team made up of full-time staff and affiliated PhD students

•   Other activities as required to support the growth and success of PhaseCraft.

Location: Bristol or London

Application deadline: 14 February


Skills, Qualifications and Experience:

Essential criteria:

•   PhD (or soon to receive one) in quantum information, quantum computation theory, condensed-matter theory, materials science theory or closely related field

•   Strong publication track-record in relevant discipline

•   Ability to work in a team

•   Flexibility to work across different aspects of quantum software and underpinning theory

•   Expertise in one or more of:

  - quantum information and/or computation theory

  - quantum simulation theory of various kinds (e.g. dynamical simulation, variational quantum eigensolver, analogue simulation, etc.)

  - quantum algorithm design

  - theory of condensed-matter physics or materials science

  - theory of indistinguishable quantum particles

  - quantum circuit optimisation

  - classical simulation of quantum circuits

  - coding in quantum software development environments (e.g. Cirq, OpenFermion, ProjectQ)

•   Flexibility to work on other tasks required to support the growth and success of the company.


Desirable criteria: 

•   software development skills

•   enthusiasm for learning and novel research

•   excellent communication skills


How to apply:

To apply, please send a CV, including details of two referees, and covering letter by email to . Applications will be considered until the positions are filled.


For any enquiries, please contact Toby Cubitt ( or Ashley Montanaro (


Phasecraft are pioneering a new quantum computing frontier. Get in touch, and be part of this seismic moment in science.