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Phasecraft's 2021 quantum software internship programme


Phasecraft's 2021 interns

Earlier this year we launched our new Summer Internship Programme, recruiting for 2-3 months placements to work on projects relating to quantum software. At Phasecraft we were all impressed by the quality of applications we received, and were absolutely delighted when, between June and July, we were joined by our six 2021 interns, based in our Bristol and London offices.

  • Cate Mandell joined us whilst studying as a mathematics undergraduate at the University of Bristol and worked on the error-tolerance of quantum simulation algorithms.
  • Filip Maciejewski is completing his PhD in quantum information theory at the Polish Academy of Sciences, and his internship project focused on the implementation and evaluation of quantum error mitigation procedures on superconducting quantum hardware.
  • Kaelyn Ferris is a PhD candidate at Ohio University and joined Phasecraft’s London team working on novel Phasecraft techniques using superconducting quantum hardware.
  • Ricardo Rivera joined Phasecraft after completing his MSc at the University of Amsterdam. He worked with us on the development of efficient software for a class of quantum simulation problems.
  • Riley Chien is a PhD candidate at the University of Dartmouth. In his project he focused on developing novel underpinning technology for efficient quantum simulation algorithms.
  • Sabrina Wang joined Phasecraft whilst completing her PhD on materials modelling at the University of Oxford and has worked on quantum simulation of materials problems.

Having such talented early career researchers working on projects of direct relevance to Phasecraft’s cutting-edge research has been an exciting and productive experience for all involved. We are looking forward to sharing the details of many of the projects in a range of forthcoming papers.

Riley Chien, asked to comment about his internship, stated “My internship at Phasecraft has been an amazing experience. It was a joy getting to work with such smart, friendly people. I learned a lot and I’ll have great memories of my time in London.

Ashley Montanaro commented that "It has been a pleasure for us to work with such an amazing group of interns, who were selected from a very large pool of excellent applicants and surpassed our expectations."


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